Online Learning

Our bespoke options include:

30 minute zoom lessons

(Year 3 and below)

Pupils will receive 30 minutes of fun curriculum based zoom tutoring independently tailored to their needs with free logins for every child to access maths and English activities on our online platforms . Activities will be assigned to pupils to complete independently to consolidate their learning after the sessions.

Generally aimed at Year 3 and under but can work as a good booster for older children if concentration is challenging.

These lessons will be charged at £18 pounds.

45 minute zoom lessons

(Year 3 and above)

Pupils will receive 45 minutes of Zoom tutoring plus work to complete independently on online maths and literacy platforms and/or practice questions and papers. Lessons can be tailored specifically for things such as 11+, The Wandsworth test, SATS, catch up, confidence boosting or simply for fun!

These lessons will be charged at £27 pounds

60 minute Zoom lessons for GCSE Year 11s and/or A ’level pupils

60 mins of 1:1 tutoring support covering the English and Maths GCSE/A’level curriculum and working on past paper questions and exam practice.

These lessons will be charged at a rate of £35

Saturday Zoom workshops

Group sessions on Saturdays covering areas such as Creative writing for 11+ tests, Comprehension and 11+ Maths topics.

These lessons are taught as a block of 4 at a rate of £20 per lesson

Current workshops include:

11+ creative writing

Learn how to plan and structure an effective piece within the 30 minute test time frame. Encourages the use of varied vocabulary and language features. Photograph and send your child's writing after every session for feedback.

11+ maths topics

School entrance exams commonly include topics that are not always covered by every school in time for the January tests .

Boost confidence with percentages and fractions, get to grip with averages and ratios with practice questions from real test papers.